General Conditions

1. These conditions shall apply without exception to all our offers, order confirmations and invoices. All clients signing the transport dispatch note or the work order and confirming the agreement by post, telex, fax or telegram shall be deemed to have been informed of and accepted them without reservations. No change may be introduced to them without a written agreement, signed by an M.I.C. official who has been authorised to do so.

2. M.I.C.’s guarantees the dispatch, shipment and transport, both national and international, of all consignments, i.e. letters, documents and parcels and shall carry out these duties as promptly as possible, and, save as otherwise provided in writing, shall be the only party competent to verify the reception, delivery and shipment arrangements of the consignments.

3. M.I.C.’s liability may be invoked only from the moment M.I.C. takes possession of a consignment until the moment it is delivered to the consignee.

4. In the event of a mechanical mishap involving one of the vehicles or a vehicle of one M.I.C.’s subcontractors, M.I.C. shall strive to supply a replacement vehicle, but shall not be held liable for any delays in delivery, even if the delivery deadline has been guaranteed in writing.

5. By way of derogation from Article N°4, M.I.C. in rendering its Must service under special conditions, guarantees the agreed delivery deadlines and shall guarantee against loss and deterioration of the consignments entrusted to it. In rendering this service, M.I.C. shall be informed by the client of the value of the consignments with a view to taking out a special insurance policy. As stipulated hereinafter, M.I.C. ’s liability may not be invoked for reasons of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, even when rendering the Must service.

6. M.I.C. shall bear no liability in all direct or indirect consequences resulting from the loss, destruction or damage of the consignment caused, if only in part, by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. Nor shall M.I.C. bear liability in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances that hamper or prevent the execution of its duties. Strike, lock-outs, social unrest or wars, invasions, riots, road ice, snow, floods, etc., are considered cases or force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

7. The consignor guarantees that the nature of the consignments complies with the laws of the countries concerned and that these consignments are packed in such a way as to ensure against damage during transport. The consignor also guarantees that information and addresses furnished shall be complete and exact, and that the customs laws and regulations of the countries concerned shall be complied with. The consigner autorises M.I.C. to carry out all necessary customs clearance procedures on its own belhalf and at its own cost. M.I.C. shall not in any case be held liable for the non-compliance of customs formalities not the underestimation of the value of the goods.

8. Transport shall comply with the CMR Convention.

9. Irrespective of the insurance policies taken out by the client and of the declared value of the consignments, M.I.C.’s liability shall be limited, in the event of delays, loss, partial or total non-delivery, and to the extent that such delays, loss, etc. can be attributed to M.I.C., to lump sum compensation of € 50 per consignment or the amount of real damage suffered by the consignor, if the latter amount is the lesser of the two. However, the aforementioned lump sum compensation may be increased to the real or agreed value of the consignment by means of a special written derogation signed by both parties and provided the client pays a price supplement.

10. M.I.C. may entrust all or a part of the consignments assigned to it to one several intermediaries and/or subcontractors. In such a case, M.I.C. shall only be responsible for the care taken in its choice and the transmission of the necessary and precise instructions. Moreover, M.I.C.’s own responsibility shall not exceed that of the intermediaries and/or subcontractors taking part in the execution of the work and in any event shall be limited to the sums M.I.C. may recover from the intermediaries and/or subcontractors.

11. Any claim must, on pain of revocation, be made in writing to M.I.C. within eight days of the transport in question.

12. M.I.C.’s tariffs are furnished for guidance. Changes may be introduced at any time without prior notice. The tariffs do not included customs duties, taxes nor outlays incurred on behalf of the client, consignor and/or consignee and for which they remain jointly and severally liable.

13. M.I.C.’s invoices are payable in cash and in full, unless otherwise stipulated. Any payment not made at its due date shall automatically give rise, without prior notification, to payment of 12 % interest per year. In addition, all invoices unpaid at their due date shall be increased by 18 % with a minimum of € 125 in lump sum damages.

14. Any dispute shall be settled exclusively by the Brussels courts and the Justice of the Peace of the First Canton of Brussels for cases falling within its jurisdiction. However, M.I.C. reserves itself the right to bring a dispute before any other competent court.

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